Kay sooo, when my whammy pedal is plugged into my amp and any kind of distortion (either my Boss OS-2 pedal or the amp distortion) is turned on i get this terrible low feedback noise from my amp (Laney LX120Twin). I have had the pedal for two years now and i have never had this problem before. As soon as i unplug the pedal and go straight into my Boss pedal the problem doesn't occur. Any idea why this is happening and what i could do to solve it? I emailed Digitech and all they said was to ground my amp, but i have no idea how to do that. Also i am a dirty student and can't afford to buy nice new shiny things or take them into a guitar shop.

Thanks ^_^
surely it's more likely to be a problem with the pedal than the amp or anything else as it only happens when the pedal's plugged in...
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are you positive the cables weren't plugged in backwards? this can cause extreme noise with some pedals. i did it with my wah last week actually, because we had a rushed setup.
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@Unholy.Daemon: my thoughts exactly, silly unhelpful Digitech :@

@trashedlostfdup: I didn't know cables could be plugged in backwards :/ I am just using some standard patch cables, 30cm angeled jacks

i think he means you may have plugged the pedal in backwards.

if nothing works, the only thing to do is take it to someone and see what they can do really, i know you said you don't have much time to do that, but yeah.. =/
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nope, all going into inputs, all going out of outputs :/

i have neither the time nor the monehz my good sir, but it may have to be my last resort

thanks anyway!
yeah its nothing to do with the calibration, which is a common problem with the pedal, i've had to sort it a couple of times. It even makes the noise when the pedal is switched off (but still plugged in etc)

I am powering it with the power supply that came with it, it could be faulty i may have to look into that.
Right i have just tried switching my whammy pedal and my distortion pedal (originally i had Guitar-->Whammy-->Distortion-->Amp, now i have Guitar-->Distortion-->Whammy-->Amp) and it had significantly reduced the hum, except now when i click my whammy on it sucks ALL the tone out from my distortion O_O