I know there's a board for pedals and things but THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DO.

I know there's an element of trial an error but there's god knows how many permutations and its a real farce to keep setting it up over and over again plus it'd be nice to back up the order with logic rather than having them all willy-nilly.

From right to left on that picture its: MXR El Grande (Fuzz), MXR Bass Blowtorch (fuzz with EQ and blend), EHX Bassballs (sweeping filter), Pearl Octaver (1 up, clean, 1 down, 2 down), EHX Micro QTron (envelope filter), Yamaha Thingamybob (flanger).
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im confused ....
you want to Order a new pedal board or you want to put your pedals in a better order?
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I would suggest...

Octave first, MXR blowtorch, bass fuzz, Qtron, bassballs, flanger out to amp.

Octaves work best when its a pure sound rather then trying to track an already effected signal, then distortions and then its really just personal preference.