I'm still looking for a jazz guitar for use in studying jazz guitar in college in the fall. I need something that can get the great clean jazz tones but also a guitar that can play more modern jazz, fusion, and even rock styles. I think I'm going to sell my strat so I can increase my budget but I just need a nice guitar. I'm willing to spend up to 800 or 850 bucks and I'll go used. Again though I'm looking for a versatile guitar that can go from wes montgomery to frank gambale/ holdsworth...if that's possible. Gretsch? Ibanez? Hogstrom? What should I take a look at?
If you can find a used D'Angelico XS series, it should be in that range.

Otherwise, Epiphone makes the Emperor Regent and Joe Pass Emperor, and the Riviera might work for you too. I don't really love Ibanez in that price range but you should probably try the Artcores, they're certainly well made. The Hofner HCT-J17 is a great, great guitar but harder to find.

The biggest mistake you can make with a hollowbody is to buy one without playing it. Hollowbodies have the potential to be much more uncomfortable, tougher to play, and be tonally dead than solidbodies - they're much more complex, so more can go wrong or be different from your tastes. Chances are if you can spend a few hours at several guitar shops, you'll find one that works really well for you. If it's between an Ebay D'Angelico that looks great and an Epi you like at guitar center, get the Epi. It's not as glamorous but you can get a real dog in this category.
Suggestion of Epiphone Riviera seconded!

Very versatile guitar, easy to play, nice clean tones available... plus looks the part in a smoky jazz club setting.
I would get a semi-hollow, not a full hollowbody, because a semi will transition to other styles more easily without drastically compromising your core jazz sounds (personally, I use a tele and a gretsch hollow for my jazz tones).

I would look into an Ibanez artcore, hagstrom viking, epiphone ultra-339, epi lucille... that sort of stuff. it also depends greatly on your amp though
Look at used Ibanez artcore guitars. They're well made and sell in the $200–$400 range. If you don't like the pickups you can pop in just about any humbucker, or if you have the cash, TV Jones makes a model to fit Artcore guitars.
Only hollowbody I've ever played is the Hagstrom Viking. Definitely check it out. They're decently priced and they play and sound great.
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One word: Plastics! Jazzmaster.

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TS i think for the sort of tones you're looking for some kind of semi-hollowbody with humbuckers would work and would give you the sort of versatility you're looking for too. if you just simply google the names of those guitarists you listed you'll see they seem to use a wide array of very different guitars... so really it's just a matter of playing a load of guitars and finding out what works for you. you could also try some heavy gauge, flat-wound strings, too?
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