Hi guys,

This is my first post here, so a big Hi to everyone.

I've been sizing up my second hand newbie all day. I bought it last week although this is the first time I've really had chance to get to grips with it (so not officially NGD, but as I've had so much fun today, it feels like it), and I've been so absorbed I've forgotten to eat!

I've tried to include some pics, so we'll have to see if they appear.....

So, the new guitar is a Korean made '98 Epiphone LP100 in cherry burst. Looks fantastic, it feels really good to play (nice action and the neck just feels perfect for me) but sounds muddy as hell. Not just normal muddy, I mean borderline awful!
It's desperately in need of a new set of strings, I'm shocked they've lasted me today! So new strings are the first job tomorrow morning. This is my first Les Paul, and I'm still at a beginner stage of playing anyway so I'm not 100% sure what sound to expect.

My other guitar is a Peavey Generation EXP Telecaster copy (which I've christened Blondie), which I bought new a couple of months back. It's got a neck humbucker and a bridge single coil, and I bought it mainly because of the humbucker, although now I like the sound of the bridge pickup for some bluesy type fingerpicking. I'm impressed with it for the price.

First thing today I took the Epi LP100 (I think I'll call her Cherry) out of it's case, was surprised how light it was compared to Blondie, and plugged her in. Plug went into socket like chucking a sausage up an alley; loose and crackling - but fixed that no problem in 20 minutes.

I'm enjoying playing Cherry, but it sounds way, way, too muddy. I guess stock Epi open pickups aren't going to be the best anyway, and to be honest for the price I paid for it I'm still 100% happy overall, but I need new pickups! I don't mind paying a bit more for some Alnico's or something similar - wouldn't mind trying some SD's or Bareknuckles - but the wallet won't allow it - haha.

Any other advice you can give on how to improve the sound? Will closed humbuckers fit straight on, or do I need to stick to open ones?

Some crackling from the controls when used, so I may have to change the pots at some point, although the wiring inside is a bit of a mess. Not much spare wire length, so I may need to completely re-wire her . Well, luckily I've got a heap of solder!

A few other things I'm going to do for the visuals, and that is:
New pickup switch surround as the old one's Rythym/treble wording has rubbed off.
New truss rod cover. I think it's the original one on, which says Gibson. Apart from the fact that it ain't a Gibson, the engraving isn't quite straight and lets it down. I'll look out for a new one, either blank or saying Les Paul 100.

It's got a small ding on the bottom edge and a couple of tiny scratches, but nothing to worry about.

Seems to stay in tune nicely and the tuners are good quality - they feel so much better than on Blondie, which is the only thing that really lets her down.

Overall, I'm happy - although I'm not sure I should be. Maybe I'm a bit demented
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HNGD dude
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Cheers guys.

Update: After a new set of strings it sounds MUCH better. I was going to wait until tomorrow to go buy a set of 9's, but instead thought I'd put the 10's I already had to see what happened. (Seeing as I have a wedding to go to tomorrow morning - and the bride & groom wouldn't have appreciated the best man potentially missing the wedding because he was buying guitar strings - haha)

The muddiness may not be as much of an issue now

See: midnight, after half a bottle of rum, IS the best time for guitar set-up.