I have a set of Custom Shop Seymour Duncan 50th Anniversary Seth Lover pickups. Limited Edition run. My set is number 230/300. Only looking for offers at the moment. I'll take anything into consideration - cash, trade, whatever! Thanks!
Would these be good for metal or metalcore and what other pickups can you compare them to
These Custom Shop Seymour Duncan's are hotter than the typical Seth Lover pups, so they could be used well for metal/metalcore with the right setup. I don't know what your current rig is, so it's a little harder to guide you, but these could definitely work for you, given you have the proper rig. These are definitely better suited for rock/blues/possibly old-school metal tones than the mall-core/metalcore sound.
Are these active or passive? What are you looking for?
Running through:

Engl Fireball
Engl Slanted Cab
Ibanez Xiphos
Schecter C-1 FR Black
Ibanez GRG (on its way)

Boss Noise Gate, Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Boss Tuner, Zakk Wylde Wah.
Well I have a Jackson js32t guitar an a peavey vyper 15w modeling amp. So I was looking to upgrade my pick ups on my guitar.
They would be an upgrade in some regards, but I don't know if these are honestly what you are looking for. I'd get a set of EMG 81/85s for that and make it a beast for your style of playing. These SD custom shops are, without a doubt, better suited for rock/blues.
Sorry for the double post, but I'm also looking to get around $300 shipped for these. They were part of a limited run of the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, are individually hand numbered, signed, and engraved, and sold for $300 brand new, which these pickups are. I only opened the tape on one package to look at the pickup. That's as much use as they've seen.