Are there any basses with laminated fretboards apart from Rickenbackers? I've seen one brand being sold on ebay call Fusion Basses, but they seem to only produce 5 strings. I don't want a custom built bass or anything expensive like that, I was hoping that there might just be a production model that has one?
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Im not sure about the lower end fenders but some squires have them, not sure how much that is your type of thing though
Depends on what you mean by laminate.

If you mean like an extra finish on the fretboard like a fretless has then yeah you just have to look around. Both my jazz bass and my new btb have fretboards with a finish.

If you mean laminate in the same sense as laminate flooring then that's just weird.
rickenbacker uses some highly toxic corrosive death finish, but I guess it makes a fretboard impervious to abuse. Idk what other manufacturers use, but I am currently remaking a squier affinity p bass with a rose wood neck, and I am using a 2 in 1 stain and polyurethane finish, which I have let "slip" onto the fretboard to see what comes of it. In time I'll string it up and report back
Roscoe, Zon and some others use "Dymondwood" for some of their fretboards; a wood laminate that is bound together under extremely high pressure to produce a very hard, almost indestructible fretboard. These fretboards are left unfinished (like rosewood or ebony) because they are impervious to string wear. They also come in some very freaky-looking colors.
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it depends what you mean by laminated.

my usa fender jazz has a finish on the maple fretboard that makes it look "shiny" and catches the light.
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Some people make laminated fretboards made of 2 or 3 pieces.

What you're talking about is binding though, not lamination. Incidentally, finishing is something entirely different as well.

Some Fenders are bound, quite a few basses actually. Have a look for bound fretboard rather than laminated and you'll get more results.
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