Here's a video of my cover of Van the Man's classic. C4C for anyone who wants it - any feedback is much appreciated!

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I love your accent. Let me start with that.

It adds a cool feel to the song honestly! I like it! Your vocal tone is solid and you seem to have really good control over it. However, I would either sing out more or play quieter. Even though I'm a guitar player I think a heavier vocal mix tends to be better.

Great job!
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Nice playing and singing man !! Your accent is very thick but adds character to the song, so it didn't bother me. Also the playing is great, but a little too loud (vocals should come out more)

I have nothing else to crit man ... you did an awesome job !!

Keep on rockin !

Really enjoyed it

I like the tone of your voice

And you actually got me hooked to this song haha
You have projection problems at some points but dont take that as you should shout because you are singing fine most of the time.

A video tip would be to find another way to record because the cutoff is kind of annoying. Not a big deal just a presentation thing

Other than that dont have much to say. keep it up