Hi Pit
I am doing a news story for a university assignment (studying journalism) about multicultralism in Melbourne's live music scene.
I just wanted to research the topic and see what you guys thought of multicultralism in your local live music scene?
My local music scene is dominated by bands playing rock/metal with mostly white/european fans.
Obviously if you live in Melbourne and would like to give me a quote that I could use in my story that would be great.
Thanks, Ethan.
I love white guitars!
This is quite the coincidence, because I just saw a live band yesterday that mixed taditional arabian music with balkan and modern ska styles of music.

We are currently having a big city festival here in Darmstadt and they played on the stage that's like 100 meters away from my apartment, so I had a great view of them. They were really awesome.

Here's their website, if it interests you: http://www.jawala.de/index.php?lang=en&flash=1

They were truly kickass.
I live in Adelaide and while there are more Australian bands breaking into the mainstream internationally (Tame Impala, The John Butler Trio) nowadays it seems that every concert I go to is full of goddamned low-life aboriginals.
Sounds good CoreysMonster, thanks for your input.

RU experienced?: That is quite an interesting view. I really see Aboriginals at concerts. Would you care to explain what kind of shows this has happened at?
I love white guitars!
At the recent national folk festival in Canberra, there was everything from Japanese-country-bluegrass, to Swedish and Finnish trad, avant guarde Jazz trios, Georgian choirs, vocal/looping experimenters and singer songwriters right through to 'conservative' trad Irish and Scottish tunes players, and even they were happily in a session with a didg' player. Y'know, because a didgeridoo might as well be a traditional Irish instrument.

In a Sydney jazz club I was in just last weekend, at the table I was at there were Dutch, Japanese, African and I-can't-pick-your-accentians getting along fantastically.

At a music camp the week before, we had Spanish, Arabic and Gypsy music and Dutch, German, Danish, Maori, American and Isreali-Indonesian-Italian heritage or something like that, and then at another festival the previous weekend there were Hungarian-Romanian-Gypsy players, a Murri band from up Kimberly way, belly-dancers and... oh, I give up.

I've never been to Melbourne for music, but I do know there are strong Irish and Scottish scenes - no idea about the demographic though.
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i live in Albuquerque
New Mexico
so here its mostly
Latino and Flamenco
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Obviously if you live in Melbourne and would like to give me a quote that I could use in my story that would be great.

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Yeah I'm from Melbourne and my quote is there's too many Vietnamese boat people at metal shows.