I've been looking into getting a new kick mic to replace the one that came in my CAD drum package. I know the 112 is the standard for kick mic's and the D6 has its own following, but I was wondering if anyone here had experience in this field. These are the mic's I am now considering:
Electro-Voice N D868
Shure Beta 91
Audix D6
AKG D 112
Heil Sound PR40 Large Diaphragm Multipurpose Dynamic Microphone
Electro-Voice RE320
Sennheiser Evolution e902

Some of those microphones are considered all purpose with a good low end, so I was interested in paying a bit more for them if it gave me a new vocal/instrument mic. (I have an MXL 990 for vox now).

Opinions!? :]
D6 any day, if you're going to sample replace shit to hell then any mic will do but I prefer the natural sounds you get with the D6.
All of those mics, when you look at the reviews online, say its so much better than the other, so if anyone as experienced knowledge and could say why one is definitely better than another, bonus points.
Personally, I favour the Beyerdynamic M99, but also like the D6. I think I'd have those plus a Shure Beta52 in my ideal mic collection; I find the D112 a bit too soft for my liking, as the other mics have a bit more attack and punch... in my opinion!
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I've used a Beta 52 many times in a live situation. I've never used it in the studio. It serves it's purpose well.
It's also built like a tank. It's taken so much abuse, I'm amazed at how it looks. It looks only about half a year old when it's actually a lot older(I'm not sure how old it is...).

It can also work on a bass amp if you need it to.
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The combination of the beta 52 and beta 91 is pretty good, but I wouldn't use either on their own.
I'm not a big fan of the D112, I find it colours the sound quite a lot, and I find the D6 great for metal (which explains why so many people around here love it), but not so great for anything else.
As an overall mic, from that list I'd probably go for the E902 - just personal preference but I've found it to be a good all-rounder.

I haven't tried any of the others, but looking at the prices of some of those other mics you'd be better off getting a second hand kick mic and selling your 990 to put the money towards an AT4040 or an sE2200a or something like that.

This is all my opinion of course, by it is a fairly informed opinion at least
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I can't believe nobody has suggested picking up (and you might have to go used for the first one)

EV RE-20 (perhaps the "studio standard" for kick mics in studios around the world.... that and the AKG D12/D112 would be the big two anyways). You should be able to find one used for a good price... idunno... $200-$300?

Sennheiser e602 - I have one and I quite like it. Most of the kick drums in my profile were done with it. I got it used for $150, I think. It's made for kick drums, bass cabs, etc.

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