Hey everyone, my band decided to make a genre change, to an extent, anywho.

We were doing a death metal kind of thing, (Wretched would be the best example) But, due to my bitching/complaining with lack of melody, structure, etc. I wanted to go for a more...melodic "After The Burial" kind of sound, this song would probably be one of the lighter ones in the sense of technicality and heaviness, but there are still a few subtle "djent" moments, (Even though that isn't really what djent is, oh well)

I know no one is going to read that paragraph.



Yes, poop.
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Now I see what you mean. I liked that one a lot too though - very parkway drive feel to it. The type of shit where someone's guarenteed to get jacked up if they dare go near a mosh pit at one of your shows.