I've got an Ibanez IJX121, it's the "Metal jumpstart" guitar.

My half-brothers grandmother bought him the jumpstart pack for Christmas 2 years ago, he never touched it.. Ended up giving it to me.

I've been trying to sell the stuff on Craigslist for months. Started at $100 (I realize it was never gonna happen, I just had high hopes to get something out of it), and i've dropped it down to $70... Which is still pretty unlikely to be sold.

If someone doesn't want it soon, would it be worth it to just bring it over to Daddy's Junky to see what they'd give me for it? I'm not expecting them to give me anything more than POSSIBLY 40-50 bucks for everything. (Guitar + the amp).

Still, no loss on my end.. But I really hate for her original purchase to just be wasted like that.

Mind you, I'm not gonna waste any money modding it or anything. Totally pointless because it plays like shit. All the components are shit too.
I have that same exact starter pack, maybe you should just keep the guitar and sell the other stuff, the setup on it is probably crap, the guitar isn't bad.
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I have that same exact starter pack, maybe you should just keep the guitar and sell the other stuff, the setup on it is probably crap, the guitar isn't bad.

He got a lemon.

Straight out of the box it has rusted frets + bridge, sharp fret edges.. But he never took it back because he/our mother didn't care.

I've been messing with it for the past few months trying to get it to play without the action being a whole inch off the board. Seems damn near impossible. Either the truss rod isn't functioning correctly, or the frets are terribly uneven..

Anyways, not trying to complain

Just supplying information. I don't play it.
honestly, if its as bad as it sounds, they probably wont buy it. and you probably wont get more than 10-15 for the amp.

if youd like, you could send it to me, Id pay shipping up to like 10 bucks for the guitar.
I know, that's why I'm expecting next to nothing.

I'm being generous with the quality of it.

I don't know how even a chinese factory could let something like that out of the factory.
Give it to charity.
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Save it up for winter.
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You can only burn it once.

Tie a rope on it and drag it to school/work for a nice vintage look, smash it to pieces and eventually burn it.
depends where you live. like, there is a pawn shop here that ive sold 15 watt amps to and got like $30 bucks for. if you find one that doesnt know much about guitars you might get away with 60-70.
The guitar is a decent modding platform, so you could keep that and make it a project guitar.
You'll maybe get 30 bucks for the amp, and exactly f*ck all for the guitar. So it's either trashing it or modifying it and making it useful - I'd go for the latter.
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Sell the amp and do something creative to destroy the guitar. IMO it's not worth saving if it's as bad ass you say
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Burn this piece of junk like a true guitar hero

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Quote by Banana Wedgie
Sounds like you could salvage the body if you get a new neck

What I was thinking If you wanted a project guitar get a new neck from warmoth or w/e and do up the hardware etc. then you'd have a good backup or main if you like it alot.