Whic one should i get? I believe they are both of the same price. Which one sounds better, has better quality and looks better?

If I get the CV it will be with a maple fretboard and 2-tone sunburst and the Vintage will be a cherry sunburst with a rosewood fretboard.. Which finish do you prefer?
Goto a store, play both, buy whichever you like better.
I'll answer the first question: it depends on what you want your new guitar to do. Answering that thought helped me decide between a VM and CV myself.

Some things to consider (I have the VM-HSS):

*Neck- VM is slimmer than the CV. There is gloss present (on the fretboard, too for the CV 50s). VM does not have the "vintage tint" like CV.

*Fretboard- VM's rosewood is less porous than the CV's rosewood. The maple fretboard, as I recall, was very smooth on the CV (due to the gloss). Both have medium jumbo frets.

*Body- VM is Indian Red Cedar; CV is Alder. IRC is darker sounding; Alder is brighter sounding.

*Pickups- VM's have (wider *HSS*) flat polepieces, allowing for even string response (and more volume *HSS*). CV's are thinner and staggered--like most vintage and current strats--to accomodate for uneven frequencies produced by the strings. You may hear one string ring more loudly than the others because of this.

- On a side note, VM's coils are actually stacked humbuckers--so you will be noiseless while retaining some twang. CV's coils are true single coils--so you will retain the 60-cycle hum.

*Tuners- VM has Gotoh style; CV has Kluson style.

Aesthetically, I would probably pick the VM--not into the maple fretboards...

Any more questions PM me.