Ok so I own a second hand Alesis DM5 which I no isnt that good seeing as its electric and old, but i got it for a bottle of scotch so it was worthwile. Now the pads on it have started only working occasionaly and I have realised by taking apart the pads of the cymbals that some of the soldering has come loose. However I cant figure out how to take the ordinary pads apart without damaging them, the dont have any screws or anything, I dont want to have to replace the pads, but if i hav to and their cheap then could I have a website (australian preferably) that sells drum pads i could use
Have you tried going to the manufacturer's website to see if they sell replacement pads? If they don't, I doubt any third party pads would work/fit correctly.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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That sucks, I think I might just buy a whole new drum kit, just one of the small compact ones
It sounds like there is to much wrong with it to bother fixing it. Taking apart drum pads isn't particularly easy from what I've been told, and its probably more effort that its worth.

If you can afford one I'd just get a new kit, personally. Getting it for a bottle of scotch isn't half bad though.
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