I'm using GHS boomers 10-52 strings tuned to drop C# on my 25.5 scale guitar.
I adjusted the bridge's saddle action and the truss rod. the neck is pretty straight. I have 4 tension springs at the back, but somehow the bridge is just not parallel to the body. drop c# with 10-52 strings is not that much tension, and i have 4 tension springs at the back, but its still not parallel. i tightened the screws to increase the springs' tension but still no change. what's keeping the bridge up?

i use fender-style bridge btw
Just block it off.
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Although your problems clearly have been resolved with the previous post, can you say specifically if it is leaning forward or back? (Stupid question, but sometimes its the obvious that is missed.)

Did you get the trem mis-aligned when you installed the strings? If not setting correctly on the posts, it could be sticking. Maybe the trem is on such an angle the string tension can't break it from the "rest postion". Try physically levering your block forward.... It does move right?