my bassist/only other band member doesn't think that i take his opinion into consideration because of this sequence of events and has now voiced that he's very bitter.

- we got halfway through writing a song, technically it's my song but we're a band, all opinions matter.

- bassist agrees he likes it and is feeling it, along the way he may voice a concern saying
"it might sound too loosey-goosey, but i dont know, could just be cause it's a demo."

- i say, "Hmmm you might be right, we'll keep that in mind, but ya it might just be cause there's no layers tying it all together. it's just bare bones right now."

- throughout the weeks the demo is progressing and he seems to be content, we seem to both enjoy what's going on, no real concerns it doesn't seem like, and if there is any they seem very small.

- we show it to an outsider of the band, a friend, they love it.

- we show it to another outsider of the band, a friend and they say the same things the bassist had said at the beginning.

- because of that, i immediately go "ok ya, that sounds right, i think you guys are both onto something."

and soon after that the bassist gets all jealous and shitty and starts saying things like "oh so you take his opinion more into consideration than mine? is his opinion more important to the band than mine?"

and i say "not at all, but he is an outside opinion who is listening to the song with fresh ears, kind of like a producer, that could mean something. and plus hearing someone voice an opinion once and then hearing it re-iterated by a different individual definitely confirms that for me at least."

"and he says but you shouldn't have to confirm anything, we're in the band, we make the decisions, no one else, and i've been saying what he's been saying for weeks."

am I in the wrong here? I understand you should not always go to others for outside opinions and i have greatly stopped that compared to how i used to go about things. (besides now if this counts) but if you happen to do it (and at the time the bassist agreed we should show our friend) then have i really done anything wrong?

basically if any of you are in a band, do you have any protocol you sort of adhere to?
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Agree with Disturbed a bit there. (or he's just overly insecure) I don't think you did anything wrong. He said it himself it might be because its a demo so you kept working on it and its not that you're only taking that persons opinion into consideration. Its the fact that BOTH of them said it that made you decide to change it
Sounds like you did the right thing getting a few different opinions, and then adjusting. If you went on only your and your bassist's opinion, you could be in for a rude awakening when you play your music without having gotten any feedback.

Feedback is good. Criticism is okay.

After all, you don't want to be the next Rebecca Black.

Keep on keepin' on.
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Hmm... I dont think you did anything wrong. Although obviously your Bassist is hurt.

Depending on your relationship mabe talk to him... I dunno
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So, your bass player expresses a concern and the band begins to address it. Good.

The band addresses it, and someone else outside the band flags the same concern.

There are two options here, and perhaps even both are correct:
1. The band didn't address it enough
2. The bass player didn't continue to moan and complain because he doesn't want to be considered a whiner.

It's not a big deal, really. Don't make it one. Resolve - particularly between the two of you - to simply communicate better.

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Does "loosey-goosey" mean the band doesn't sound tight?
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thank you all for the insight and advice.

Quote by AlanHB
Does "loosey-goosey" mean the band doesn't sound tight?

we used to be a full band, now we're just doing studio work and demos at home. so when he says it sounds loosey-goosey, he's talking about the flow of the actual song itself, as in it's structure (too many instrumental spaces may take away from the flow of the vocal working as it should) not in the performances.
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)