LIGHTS ON!!! Our first song - written, played, recorded and edited by ourselves. Sometimes things take a while - this time about five years - but then something special happens. We are very proud about how the song turned out. We totally dig it and hope that you will also!




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Oh, I forgot to introduce us:
We're a band from Germany - I hope you don't mind Well, we started with only a bass player and a guitar player. A few months later we asked a friend to join us to play lead guitar. And last year we found a room to practice and we decided to look for a drummer. So since last summer the band is complete and we started writing. This is our first song. At the moment we're working on some further songs, so there's more to come soon!



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That was really sick. Obviously the recording quality isn't great, but that song is just awesome instrumentally. Your singer might need a little work, but other than that, awesome job.

Thanks for your comment. Great that you like it! Do you have specific critique about the singing?