hi, ive recently started having a problem with my guitar whenever i try and use a clean channel. no matter what i do with my amp, the clean channel has this really ugly distortion. i tried using a different guitar with my amp and it was fine, so i dont think its a problem with the amp. My guitar is a Ibanez RGA42T, and my amp is a vox valvetronix, (even though im pretty sure it has nothing to do with my amp.) i replaced the original pickups with emgs quite a while ago, and i remember that there was a hiccup with the different voltages required, but even so, i had not had this problem until recently, any help would be greatly appreciated
did you put in the PUs yourself? they could be to close to the strings
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If you use active pickups maybe the battery is dying.

This would be my best guess. When the battery for my Dean was going out, I had the same "problem". Fresh battery did the trick.
thanks for the replys, but no, i had my pickups put in at a music shop, and because there was a mix up with the voltages, (the active pickups that came with my guitar ran on AA, and emgs run on 9v) im pretty sure they had to change the pickups from active to passive somehow, so they dont run on a battery anymore. nevertheless, this problem has only just occured recently
If it's got active EMGs in it, change the battery. I don't care if you don't think it runs on a battery, you can't make active pickups passive like that.
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EMGs are powerful. Perhaps you should turn down the output volume on the guitar?
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yeah, i have tried that as well, but my guitar was fine until a few days ago, i didnt change anything or drop it or do anything at all, should i have it checked?
also, if i turn the volume down, not all the way, it seems as if there is no signal coming at all, ive tried switching the pickup switch, and the problem is the same using both or either pickups, maybye this is a wiring problem or something.
sorry, it seems like my pickups were out of battery after all. i just found the other battery compartment in the back of the guitar. thanks for all the help!