If anyone has heard and enjoyed Discordance Axis, there might be a strong chance that they'll like GridLink too (yay, Jon Chang). Great furious grindcore. They just released a new album this year called Orphan and it annihilates.


Asuka from Amber Gray.

Teaser for Orphan.

Scopedog from Orphan.

With these links in mind, it's worth considering that both of their albums clock in at a bit over ten minutes, so just look around on youtube if you want all of that.

With the Inalienable Dreamless being one of the finest grind albums of all time, GridLink's technical grindcore seems to be a logical progression on from Discordance Axis.

told you

orphan slays the world

didnt think anything could top amber gray, but goddamn...

the only moments when orphan isnt a vehement display of vehement agression and intense emotional meltdown are the 3 or 4 drum stick click intro of every few songs

the only way to experience gridlink is through their entire albums i think. Dont be lazy you guys, their albums are literally just over ten minutes, but by the end, it has the same effect as riding a pants shittingly intense roller coaster or watching an extremely transgresive film

Gridlink is pure, distilled grindcore fury. Mm-mm. Favorite songs off Orphan anyone? Mine would be "Flatworlder". 'Dat riff.

Also, just a bit of shameless self-promotion, I got a review of Orphan on my blog if anyone wants to check it out.
Dar Al-Harb.
Embers, Blood and Treasure.
Cargo 200.

But seriously, it all kicks arse.
Agreed. Love the addition of the quasi-black metal riffs and the growls. Works so well.

Strangely enough, I have never gotten into DxAx.
As in heard their albums?
If you haven't, get The Inalienable Dreamless, it's less 'technical' and sinister than GridLink but still really intense. Also, oddly dreamy.
Not as good as DA, but they're still pretty sweet. That said they're not particularly unique and I don't really find anything about them memorable.
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Most of DxAx's oldest stuff is just way too depressing and grey for me most of the time, it's just got a realy insmniac, hopeless sort of feel to me

this is my faovirte dxax song though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwsbrWgvmJQ , one of the most emotional metal songs i've ever heard

I really love Discordance Axis' stuff. Really different atmosphere to GridLink.
Jigsaw is a great track.

I think I enjoy Orphan more than Amber but Asuka is possibly my favourite song by them.
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Really different atmosphere to GridLink.

This. I think I'm enjoying Gridlink a lot more than DxAx simply because they're a lot faster, edgier riffs, and have a much sharper production. The Inalienable Dreamless has a pretty muffled production in comparison and simply feels a lot slower.

The fact that I love Hayaino Daisuki (another Jon Chang band you guys should definitely check out if you don't know them already) probably says a lot. :P
I love Amber Gray to death, 12 minutes of chaos. I'll check out Orphan tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to listen to it after seeing all the positive stuff people have been saying about it.
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gridlink is more colorful and "explosive" than axis, but they're definitely very different bands with very different intents and sensibilities.

gridlink's pace of music is just ridiculous. For my favorite songs, I would choose Amber Gray and Dal Ar-Harb, because i know when i listen to either one of them, i've got ten more minutes of the most blistering fast and insane grindcore to look forward to