Hey! So basically i found one of my dads old cabs in the loft, its 300watt with a 15" speaker. It could be 12" depending on where you measure these things from... Im not sure what make it is but it sounds pretty good to be fair.

Im thinking i want to use it BUT it has quite a large tare in the actual speaker... I imagine that it would be pretty easy to replace and cheep to buy but i have no idea what im doing changing them and where ide even buy one from.

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated
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Well, first you need to ascertain that it is in fact a bass cab and not a guitar cab.

If it's a bass cab you next need to determine the impedance of the old cab to see if it will work with the amp head you plan to use it with. If the impedance will work then it will be cheaper to simply have the old speaker re-coned than to buy a replacement speaker. There may be a place close to you that re-cones speakers or you may need to send it off if you go this route.

If you just want to buy a replacement speaker to slap in the cab you can get a cheap Jensen 15" for somewhere around $100 if you shop around. Better speakers can cost more in the $200-$300 price range. The big advantage is that you can match the impedance of the new speaker to the amp head you intend to use.

The biggest disadvantage to buying a replacement speaker is that the mounting hole pattern might be different than what's on the damaged unit and you might have to custom-drill some new mounting holes. Not a biggie, but can be tedious.

Either way, you'll have to de-solder and re-solder the connections to the 1/4" input jack. If you're not good at soldering then it will be cheap to have it done.

You have to decide if you really want to do all this or if it's just a nice fleeting thought. It can be a pain in the patootie depending on what you run into...

U.S. Speaker is a good place to start for replacement speakers, although you might find better prices somewhere else, I dunno.

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