Hey! So basically i found one of my dads old cabs in the loft, its 300watt with a 15" speaker. Im not sure what make it is but it sounds pretty good to be fair.

Im thinking i want to use it BUT it has quite a large tare in the actual speaker... I imagine that it would be pretty easy to replace and cheep to buy but i have no idea what im doing changing them and where ide even buy one from.

Would i have to replace the whole speaker thing or just the card like speaker part?
(Sorry im not really up to date with the technical lingo...)

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated
You'd have to replace the whole speaker. It's really not hard. A few screws holding the speaker in place, and de-solder the wires from old speaker, solder them onto new speaker. May take you 10 minutes or something.

You can buy speakers online. Pretty common guitar speakers are Celestion Vintage 30's, but there are others that are very popular too... I've never swapped a speaker in a cab before, so I can't recall half the popular ones. I'm sure others can help you out with that part.
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Im guessing i wouldnt have to worry about it being a specified bass speaker as all of them at that size will be anyway?
it is possible to replace just the paper cone in any speaker and rebuild kits are available. the problem is the process is time consuming and the cost of the kits is prohibitive. its often easier just to replace the whole speaker. there are 15" guitar speakers availble they just arent' very common, so you will have to do your homework.