Hey guys! Ya'll know what I mean right?
A stomp box, with multi-effects...how/what do you call them?
Just like that?

"Do you have a stompbox with multi-effects?"
Telling them that you're finding a multi-effect pedal means different, right?
They'd give you ZOOM bla-bla, KORG bla-bla...

See, I want to buy a stompbox with (?) delay, reverb, flanger, pitch shifter, and if possible, a water dispenser.

I found this:

So, it's only $21 (1k Pesos here in our country and it's hard to find)...

If you guys had/have a stompbox like this, is it "okay" like, useful for live performances, or just a good-for-your-room pedal?
its just what you pay for, the flanger and phaser do not work, the delay and tremolo are kinda doable, the pitch shift is really weird sounding and not natural at all. The chorus is also sounding unnatural but if you put it really low you can still get a little decent chorus.
i would go with a line 6 pod or if your short on money a V-amp maybe?
Ho ho ho, you're gonna regret that purchase.

I get this feeling this is a troll thread.

Just get a Pod used - which should be easily available in the Philippines.
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