I'm looking at the Randall RT50C and it says it only has two 6L6's. Is this a benefit in anyway? Or does it just make it cheaper and easier to use?
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it has 12ax7 pre tubes. And no, that would make it a hybrid amp with a solid state preamp. But it's all tube.
Is it good? I'm liking the sound, but are they reliable? Not just you, but anyone who has/used one.
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Looking at a picture of the amp I see preamp tubes. I suppose they don't think preamp tubes merit listing.
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A friend has one that he uses with his band. They are a signed band and tour all over the country.
The sound is great! and he hasn't had any issues with it yet.
The DRUMMER from that band is also the lead guitar player in another band, he ordered the RT100 as he liked the tone of the RT50 so much!
His DID come with a bad tube, but after swapping the tubes out, it sounds killer!
I think they are solidly built amps, but as with most ANY tube head, the tubes are the weak point.
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