What is your favorite team??
My fav team is the Philadelphia Eagles

Do you like football???
I Love football

Who's side are you on??? Players?? Owners??
Players, the owners are trying to take back money that they already gave to the players. That's like saying here you can have my toy. 2 minutes later you want your toy back!

Who is your favorite player?
Michael Vick and DJax (Desean Jackson)

Do you think there will be a season in September???
Yes, by the negotiation process has to hurry up..

Add your own comments if you like...
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Zomg I Totalli Liek Football Omg Lol Lol 11!1!!!!one111!!!!!
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Add your own comments if you like...

Pretty sure that's how a forum works.

Anyway, I've heard one of the NFL blokes is playing for an MLS team whilst he waits (Ochocinco?) That sounds hilarious, so I hope the NFL is away for a while.
NFL thread
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