I'm looking to buy a small amp for some private playing
I don't want a 100W Marshal OBVIOUSLY

I had a Les Paul Junior vintage amp from mid 50's
it sounds good and all but it was(yes it was ...uncle broke it)too simple and too old...It was perfect for Blues but Rock and Punk Rock....a little less
I had for 7 years...

my guitar is a 1978 Les Paul Custom...

about watts i'm not quite sure ...
5W wasn't too strong thats for sure...
but I don't wanna disturb my neighbours

and the problem with "going out and trying" is simple...
I live in a hole...
the closest real guitar shop is 2 hours away
everything else...15W Marshall crap...

my favorite bands are:
Led Zeppelin
Green Day
The Sex Pistols
Jimmi Handrix
Nirvana(not the super heavy stuff)


I was thinking about an Evil Robot amp
what do you think?
If I was in your position I'd get an Orange without hesitation. Check 'em out
just give me a fender and let me rip
$3000 ???

you can easily go custom with that amount of money
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If I had stupid money for a bedroom amp I'd get one of those little Carr ones. But then you obviously aren't serious about buying a proper amp if you can't be arsed to drive a couple of hours to get a better idea of what you're after.
Jimmi Handrix? Really?

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The actual correct answer
Buy a Baron Snott Watt its $650 and amazing.

DR.Z might be really good for you. Vox, Or like above. Go Custom...You can get someone to build you anything you want.
Get more money.

Buy a house in the country

So you can play 100W amps without anyone giving a fuck

Nirvana made heavy stuff?

Also, you do know volume knobs can turn down an amp, right? but regardless, if you want a quiet amp then you could just go custom or something, $3000 is a good budget
Ill sell you my pig nose for $3,000

Ill even throw in an Ibanez Prestige
cant you be serious?
I'm not saying I'll spend the entire 3K budget on an amp
but its possibly
and stop spamming

about custom...
I'm not a technical guy and I don't know much about how the amps are build...
so I cant really go custom ....


what so bad about Handrix?
and yes...Nirvana made heavy stuff..."Nameless,Shameless" and more...
^you misspelled hendrix's name

if you want to go custom there is guy here who makes custom amps (idk his name, ive never been in this forum for a long time) and he could probably help you on that.
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CEC Amps. Have Craig build you one.
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So, you obviously don't really understand how wattage works.

Basically wattage is less about volume and more about the volume at which the amp naturally starts to break up. A 5w amp will break up a hell of a lot quicker than a 100w amp, but when all is said and done a 5w is still extraordinarily loud and will definitely bother your neighbors.

A better solution IMO would be to forget the wattage and volume. Grab a head of some kind and get either an isolation cab.

Alternately you could look into an AxeFX which is probably the best solution for a bedroom player concerned about volume.
All of the players you like played 100 watt amps. With a 3,000 budget you can easily get the amp you want plus an iso cab and an attenuator to tame the beast.

You could look into some 18 watters though, there's more than a few Marshall 1978X clones on the market out there. I'd check out something like the Budda Superdrive 18, it's not exactly a clone but it has that British flavor to it.
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