Well, for that is MusiCommunity, as a Free member you can create your own SoundSpace.

What is SoundSpace?

In SoundSpace you can talk about your music life in your own space... Each user manages his/her own SoundSpace. Each user is able to edit his/her Categories, create an "About Me", comment in another SoundSpace and more...

More about SoundSpace: http://musicommunity.org/index.php?page=about_soundspace

Also you can upload songs, videos, images, tabs and many more at the Jukebox!

As a registered Member (which is free) you have acces to the full MusiCommunity and create "Rhythms" at the Discography.

MusiCommunity URL:www.musicommunity.org

Registration URL:

In MusiCommunity all your content is protected with Creative Commons Licenses, also you can specify another license in the content you write.

We are a Non Profit Organization, so our services are Free!
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