I already have a Satchurator and i want to know how different it sounds from other distortion and overdrive pedals. Am I better off getting certain sounds out of the Satchurator, or getting other pedals for different distortion sounds?
there are thousands of different OD/Distortion pedals, all with different tonal characteristics. add to that the fact that your other gear affects the sounds, and everyone's gear is different.

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If you're looking for authentic Joe Satriani tones, go with the Satchurator. It's what it was designed for, after all.

It's a pretty good drive pedal in its own right, though.
In my opinion you should keep your guitar rig as simple as possible.

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well i guess you have to ask yourself why you bought the satch pedal to begin with. as mentiohed there are ton of distortion / overdrive out there so it's near impossible to really know which is the best. of course an amp that can get distortion on it's own that you like is usually the best solution.