A few questions for an electronics n00b:

1. Will that make a worthwhile sonic improvement? I've heard that stock Carvin electronics are crap. Also, when I roll down the volume, it gets extra thin. When I roll down the tone pot, it gets harsh and stiff-sounding.

2. What's in there stock? Its a DC145 (HSH), and I assume 500k pots. Not sure what the cap value is. Linear or Audio?

3. What are some high quality pots? I plan to get 250k for the tone and 500k. What cap value for a smooth, gradual treble roll-off?
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250k pots always give a smoother roll-off fomr maximum to minimum no matter whether you use them for volume or tone, singles or humbuckers. Of course with humbuckers a 250k pot will make your sound unusually warm. A 300k pot is a better match. Gibson and PRS both use a mixture of 300k and 500k pots for their humbucker guitars, usually one pot of each value. If the smoothness of the tone control is your priority then use the lower value pot for the tone control, keep the 500k one for volume.

0.015uf is a low cap value that matches humbuckers well. At 0 it won't be rolling off as much treble as a regular 0.022uf or 0.033uf cap will but the transition from 10 to 0 will be smoother.

Carvin humbuckers are pretty harsh sounding and brittle as it is so you may find a simple pickup change to a smoother pickup like a SD Jazz or Alnico II Pro set will be all you need. Depends what kind of tone you're going for.

Use audio pots for volume if you want to use the volume control ony our guitar for actual volume, i.e. having it at 5 will mean your whole sound will be half as loud as when it's at full. Use linear pots if you want to use the guitar's volume control more as a gain control, where 4 or 5 will halve the pickup output which will still clean up your tone but the overall volume won't drop by all that much. For tone controls, use linear if you want to have the full range of tone or audio if you want to quickly drop the treble in and out.

As for brands, CTS is the standard for MIA guitars. Bourns are good too and have smoother action than CTS but can be harder to find and more expensive. Most other brands won't fit a MIA guitar.