The lead that comes in around 45 seconds sounds like it comes in a little sketchy, and could be a little quieter.

I really dig the heavy part at 2:20.

At 3:45 to the end it pretty sweet!
I really dig the solo section in there. Interesting without being pretentious.

If you're planning on doing vocals over it, it sounds pretty good. If you're leaving it instrumental, some of the leads could be rewritten, I think. Just to spruce it up and make it pop out to the ear a bit more. Maybe come up with something a little different at around 2:50, where it goes back to the clean lead.
Very unique, very cool piece

One thing that I definitely noticed was that your Solo/Lead guitar licks were way too loud for the song. They drowned everything out a bit too much. Tone them down some.

It wasn't bad for the distorted riffs because the drums picked up with them. But for the Solo/Lead, there was a lot going on in the background that just completely got dwarfed.

Other than that, this is an awesome track, good job man I love it

Could see myself jamming out to this
I agree with solo, It's a bit messy, too loud Thanks for the critique )