What guitar should I get if I'm going for and 80's sound? I want to be able to cover tones from bands like Journey and Boston, but sound well playing metal too. I'm looking to get an ESP mh 1000, but don't know if that sounds too modern. I was also looking at the Jackson Dk2, and the B.C. Rich asm 1 pro. I would like to get the jackson, but it has a bolt on neck, and I more wanted a through neck.
i wouldn't worry about a bolt on neck very much. if you end up getting a cheap one piece you could end up way worse.. but i think jackson would be a good 80s sound. but a lot is going to come for your amps and pedals
look up the guitars that they played.
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I would wait for the new Kramer line or the Gary Kramer (GKG) line to be released (but that's just me), then I would choose one of those. That should be in a couple days to the end of next month that both companies will have them out. But otherwise any Alder body guitar with a SD JB/59 combo will get you basically all the 80's sounds from Rock to Metal. There is also Charvel but I would only recommend the old 80's and early 90's ones. I am not a fan of the new ones but a lot of people do like/love them.

The Jackson DK2 would make you a great 80's guitar since it is Alder and has a JB in it The BC rich is a great guitar but the active EMG's kill it, but you could always swap those out for passives. The OFR on the BC is better than the Jackson LFR but the Jackson LFR is a decent trem. I wouldn't sweat over a bolt neck on a Jackson they are easy to reach the high frets. I prefer bolt-on to any-other type of neck so I am bias on that whole thing LOL.

What's the bolt on neck like compared to the heel on a les paul? Is it a little thinner?I want something fat feels and sounds similar a les paul(i have the studio deluxe) because I love it. Also, how does the jackson sound? does it sound kind of thin, or more fat and chunky?
Well a Jackson is never going to sound like a Les Paul in a month of Sundays because the tone woods are completely different. Alder tends to be bright while a Les Paul is a huge slab of dark sounding mahogany. You can make a Jackson sound thicker with some quality pickups as that's what I did but you really need a Bare Knuckle Holydiver for that and they're not cheap. Having said that, the Holydiver absolutely transformed my guitar and is the best pickup I've ever used by a country mile.

A neck-thru will also severely limit your choice of guitar as there just aren't that many good ones. For ESP, look at the Horizon FRII; for Jackson, look at the Soloist range (that's what I play and they're beautiful) and for PRS, look at the Torero SE. All three are excellent guitars and very well made.

If you wanted an incredibly versatile guitar that plays beautifully, has a mahogany body, slim bolt-on neck and is VERY well priced, try the PRS 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24. It's an absolutely incredible guitar for the money and is extremely versatile.
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I also vote for the Jackson DK2! I've got a JB in my Charvel and I play almost exclusively 80s hard rock/metal. The JB is kind of like a jack of all trades pickup. It sounds god afwul clean, but thats why I have a Jazz in the neck.

I have an unfinished "Round and Round" clip recorded with my Charvel plugged into an Egnater Renegade, and I thought it sounded pretty good for 80s stuff. Check my profile.