Looking to sell off these pieces.
Done a few deals online, armafied on John petrucci forums, bucks on SS.org and my ebay is irish2008-07.

For the the preamp I'm looking for 350 GBP.
the 2020 I'm looking for 400GBP
the rack, 60 GBP.

Obviously I'd love to sell these all together, but will be happy to sell separately. No problem with shipping the items, as long as buyer arranges courier.

In terms of trades, I'm interested in 8 strings + Cash, either end. Maybe we can work out a deal depending what you have.

I'm located in Bristol, UK.


Here is a picture... http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a92/DT-/IMG_0072.jpg

Contact me for for details/pics.

Thanks a lot.
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