Just finished this short arrangement, I was just hoping to get some feedback from you guys regarding what you think of it, any critiques, etc. Cheers

I really like it. And funny as I just finished recording the TV intro of Pokemon haha

Could be better tone-wise but I guess that the camera's at fault here ^^
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I love that theme!

The originals have the best music, in my opinion, and thats pretty cool!

I like your channel, think ill subscribe!
It's NEVER Lupus
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Thanks very much guys, and yeah, its just a really crappy 7 year old digital camera mic as input, hopefully will be able to scrape together funds for a proper audio interface and mic and all soon.
Dude.... very cool. 'Nuff said.
Hey man, that was absolutely beautiful! Great finger picking technique, really cool arrangement I loved it....got nothing bad to say! I also checked out your Gerudo valley cover, pretty sweet man! If you want check out mine, i recorded the whole theme from scratch https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1445526
dude that sounds sick. totally different atmospheric feel that the original midi theme. i love it!
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This is awesome. I nostalgia'd hard.
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