Hey guys,

I just got a single humbucker loaded pickguard for one of my Partscasters (I wanted a more stripped down feel for this one). However, I'm not used to the wiring on this one. My other Partscaster has a HSS pickguard with the typical 2 wires to the jack socket and 1 to the tremolo claw scheme. This new one has only 2 wires, but one of them is kind of "double-pronged" (see pic):

Now, am I right in assuming that the double-pronged one goes to the jack socket and the other to the tremolo claw? Or is there something amiss here?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I just wanted to make sure before I went ahead and screwed it up

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I'd assume so........ try it and see, it won't hurt anything. By now you coulda fixed it up, and taken to apart and fixed it up again by now.