1 e = C#
2 b = G#
3 g = E
4 d = B
5 a = F#
6 E = B

for the song Imperium by Machine Head.

I was hoping someone here could explain how to get the guitar this low. Simply tuning down the strings does not work because it relieves so much tension that the bridge drops into the body of the guitar from the springs under the guitar pulling on it. This raises the pitch back up and lowers the action below a playable level (stings laying on frets)

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You have to tighten the springs, or get thicker strings.

But you'll have to adjust the springs.

Check the Floyd Rose sticky at the top of the page.
Drop B isnt super low, theres A and iv even see G#.... but you definitely need thicker strings than what you would use for standard tuning
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Talk nicely to it, buy it dinner, break out a bottle of wine, and loosen the trem springs. Job done.

Beware of horrid fret buzz though, why these bands can't use normal tuning is beyond me...

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Blues, classical, metal. Who says you cant love all 3?
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Easy set up man.. Start by loosening all the strings totally, flip the geet over tighten the two screws almost all the way. Don't force em too hard. Flip the geet back over. Stick something in between the floyds floating bridge and the guitar body to make the bridge sit perfectly parallel to the body of the guitar. Make sure its parallel dog! Next, tune the guitar to whatever tuning you want. Make sure your object is in securely so your bridge doesn't move and it stays PARALLEL! After you're done tuning, take the object out. The bridge should fall down and make your tuning sharp, or as you said, raising the pitch. Flip your guitar over, and start loosening those back screws very slowly, and together. You'll notice, that as you loosen the screws, the tuning goes from sharp, down to what you actually wanted it tuned to. Its pretty cool because it will go into perfect tune if you loosen the screws just right. After they are loosened, tighten the lock nuts at the headstock, and you're set man. You may need to fine tune it to make sure its perfect. But floyds are easy man. People just think they are hard. I can set up any floyd two minutes with this method.

hope that helps your problem.