Hi! im a guitaist an ive been playing for about three years now and i have hit the point where i dont quite know how to improve myself. i play with a band reguarly and that is fine but we dont really play any songs that challenge me, but i still want to improve on my solo techniques whitch i want to do in my time when im not playing with my band. anyways to get straight to the point (to late but better late than never) i want to learn to play more like joe satrian and paul gilbert and maybe some guitar theory to can anyone then please show me to some sites that show me how to improve on my solos (i mostly want videos since reading makes me tired) thanks in advance i forgot to add that i also want to learn playing more down and up the guitar fret board and not just stay on one scale.
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A few months ago I was in exactly the same position. If I'm honest, I only started getting better when I stopped trying so hard :P I think one of the best things you can do is try to experiment more on your own. Playing with a band is awesome but if it doesn't challenge you then you won't improve very much very quickly. Try writing something of your own.

What I do is write a chord sequence or a full backing track, and then record it or write it in on Guitar Pro, then improvise lead guitar over that until I end up writing something which I like and then keep it. Then you eventually end up with a song purely instrumental with guitar as the lead instrument, and you'd be amazed how much it helps you're confidence in improvisation, not to mention knowledge of scales
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When I hit that point, one of the things i did was just force myself to learn harder songs. Try Jimi Hendrix.. his songs are good to learn because they dont repeat so youre forced to basically learn 3 minutes of music (along with the great solo riffs he plays)

Also, learning theory will open up a lot of doors for you. Try Music Theory for Dummies, really. And other than that theres a lot of really useful literature out there on the subject. Learning theory will help your improvisation a lot -- solos included.

If you want to play more like someone, learn their songs! And learn theory. Thats my advice in a nutshell.
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I asked literally this same question a week or so ago on these forums and got some pretty good suggestions.

A good idea is to find a song thats out of your league and you wouldnt be able to currently play and challenge yourself with that.

If you don't know much theory somebody suggested a website to me on UG. It doesn't apply specifically to guitar/bass but works around the piano since that is the best method of teaching theory

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Look up Johnny's no BS guitar blog. What he says seems to be incredibly simple and almost not helpful but its completely opposite. His few articles have taught me more in a week than I've learned in my three years of playing. Plus he actually will write back to you with help if you write him. Serious, he's done articles on UG too. He's a badass and knows what the hell he is talking about.