Hey UG, right now I am not very good at singing and playing guitar together. I am trying memorizing the lyrics then focusing on the guitar while playing, did this work for anybody.

What techniques worked for you?

and do you have any ideas for songs I could practice on?

One last question; Will being able to do this improve my playing?

Thank-you, Adam
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- My answer would be:
Try to feel how the words flow rhythmically with chords and your right hand strumming. Be like "OK, so the 2nd 'na' from Ba-na-na (or whatever your lyrics are) comes right when I hit that Am7 (or whatever your chords are)"

- Answer I saw on "Aks Van Hammersmith" went something like this:
Try reading out loud some piece of text while playing. Practice this until you can read/speak and play independantly.

- Your last question: I think, yeah it will improve your playing. If you can play quite OK while singing, you should be even better when only playing

Learn how to play songs and sing to it, and you'll have a lot of fun when you bust out the acoustic at a BBQ or party.