Hey guys,
I was looking to get a new amp in the near future as mine is not nearly powerful enough (15 watt). What I was wondering is if you guys had any recommendations? I mostly play a little something like Sleep's Dopesmoker or Eyehategod's Take as Needed for Pain. But I need to be able to dial in the clean tones as well.

I have been looking at the Marshall JVM410C and a Green Half-stack (but it's expensive as ****) any suggestions?
Genres: Sleep, EHG, (doom/stoner)
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Current Gear?

I wouldn't recommend the JVM, although it can do that music. Green would be cool. There are lots of amps that can do what you want actually.

answer these questions and the fine minions of GGnA can help.

there is a sticky or two that will guide you as well. cheers
For stoner metal, you want a sunn amp.
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For stoner metal, you want a sunn amp.

Eh, depends. Sleep is a British tone.

Really you just want something loud and bassy at a minimum, everything else is up to individual taste if you ask me.
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I've heard the Thunderverbs are pretty good for doom/stoner metal? Not sure though cause that's not really my type of metal.... anyones thoughts on one of those?