After scrapping my Tele Deluxe project, I decided to move forward with a strat project that I've been putting off for awhile. The goal is to create a single-bucker strat (almost like a sort of "strat Jr.", if you will). I have the purchasing of the body and such all lined up, but I'm having trouble choosing a pick-up.

I've narrowed it down to 2 pickups: The Seymour Duncan JB and the SD Sh-8 Invader. Which pickup would work best in this guitar?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
well, depends on the wood, what you play etc. I play alot of metallica, slayer, heavy metal. I've installed the sh-8 on all of my guitars at one point or another, and always LOVED them. if you play metal I'll always vote for that.
I always feel like the SH-8 gets too muddy too quick, but I don't have any experience with the JB.
The guitar is made of adler. I play a lot of riff rock, hard rock, alternative, and punk. I don't plan on using this guitar for metal, I use my LP Standard for that.
JB, then. For sure.
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I narrowed it down to those two pickups because from my research I determined that those were the best pickups for what I play. I was initially stuck between these two and the SD Super Distortion, but that faded when multiple people (including a friend who had a bad run in with the pickup) told me that the SH-6 and Adler strats are a no-no.

I was hoping that here people would point me in the right direction.
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I have a JB in my Explorer. Sounds great but its Korina wood. I think the amp has alot to do with the way any pickup sounds, too.
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