reallly liked it, well done , espically in the louder parts well done!
and i liked how you filmed it looked nice and laidd back
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That was an awesome cover next time you might wanna play with the song, but nice job.
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Im glad you guys liked it! This was actually the first thing ive tried to record with guitar so I wasnt sure how it was gonna turn out.
Nice work dude, the guitar recorded really well. I love that strat sound, I've gotta get myself one... My only critisism would be that the click track was a bit loud in the intro, I found it a little distracting. But your playing was just about spot on, good stuff!
Brilliant man Love it !

Really wish I could play the intro myself but I guess its just not my playing style I do mainly heavy and punk stuff...

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I think you played E major to finish the verses instead of Emaj7.
The fills in the 2nd and 3rd verse were also too sparse.
The chorus chords were wrong man. Should be F#m - E - B - F#m

Tone was good, timing was good, intro and outro were well done.
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