Hey everybody. I'm looking for a new guitar but i need a few specific things. I need it to have:
- a V shape, (preferably similar to a Rhoads V, but if not it doesn't matter)
- Floyd Rose tremolo bar (preferably original, but once again it isn't very important)
- 24 Frets
- EMG 81/85 pick up combo
- Individual volume knob for each pick up

My budget is between $450 and $650. Can anyone suggest a guitar that matches my specs? I can probably afford a little bit more money, but not a lot. Thank you
Schecter V-1 FR would meet most of the criteria - it has different pickups, but they are active so you can swap them for the EMGs if you had to. There are different versions of the V-1 FR (Damien, Hellraiser, etc.) so you should be able to find one in your price range - if you don't mind used I saw about 3 on eBay just now...
A Jackson seems the obvious choice, though it won't give you all you want. Based on your requirements, I'm guessing you're young.
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