I have a choice to trade my Bc Rich KKV G2 with some guy on craigslist. he has a Jackson RR3, Jackson Kv5 and an ESP M200FM i am interested in, price isn't exactly an issue for i am trading and throwing in cash, but i am wondering if i should Actually do the trade(is my KKV G2 better than these?) or which of these guitars are worth trading for?
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im guessing u play metal right? ok here's what i suggest: find out somewhere on google if ur guitar is better and u need 2 know wat condition his guitar is in and what U think is the answer
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yes i play metal. and his guitars are in great condition, and i have looked online to see what is better but can't find anything. i AM going for a better guitar then the one i have now because i'm not only trading my BC rich but putting money on the another guitar too.
I'd keep the KKV just because I'm a sucker for Kahlers, but if you don't mind having a FR instead of a Kahler(most prefer FRs anyways), I'd say the KV5 is a good trade. Especially if it's black with gold bevels or white with black bevels, that's some sexy business there. I think the RR3's a lower-end model though, isn't it(not too familiar with the Rhoads model hierarchy)? I'm not sure I'd go for the RR3, and the M200FM isn't much of an upgrade from your KKV in my eyes, if at all.
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if the kv5 is near in quality to the kv2, then Id vote for that. I have no idea what kind of indication of quality (in general) the numbers represent.

between the RR3 and your kkv, Id probably just keep the kkv. Id rather have the kahler, and the rr3 body is entirely unappealing from a comfort stand point.

the ESP is crap in comparison to the others. dont bother with it.
Well I would change for sure but then I really can't abide BC Rich guitars and I do like Jacksons. When I've tried ESP I've always been impressed, though I don't think that would be such a massive upgrade from what you have. The RR3 is great and Jackson's licensed Floyds are pretty decent too so I'd say that is a good option but for the best upgrade, my guess would be the KV5
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thanks for your all of your input! its not to late for anyone who has anything to say but i think i'll prolly go for the KV5fr.