I recently got a CIJ '51 Precision bass, the type with the single coil, I couldn't be happier with it apart from one thing, its noisy as hell. Usually I'd just get a stacked pickup to sort it out but there don't seem to be any reasonably priced ones for a '51 Precision. However, there are lots of stacked/rail pickups for telecasters and stratocasters that would fit perfectly.

So, I ask you: What are the drawbacks of sticking a strat pickup in a bass?
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it will "work" but it will sound like shit. Guitar pickups are not designed for bass, they are wound to hot and for much higher frequencies.

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It could work, just look at old Musicmaster basses, they were originally made out of leftover Mustang bass bodies and strat pickups. How it will sound, I can't tell you.

How much would Lindy Fralin pups be on your side of the pond? They do a "split" 51 P replacement for $140 USD. Not sure if that's reasonable with shipping and everything though.
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Lindy Fralin and Seymour Duncan both do split coil versions of their '51 pickups at double the cost of the standard and that's just robbery. Not to mention that they would be very difficult to get in Britain and very expensive to get from the USA. :/
That's the problem with the early P designs they are extremely noisy.
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You could contact Wizard Pickups and see how much a custom job would cost for a stacked humbucker in a 51 P housing.
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The signal from the bass won't be hot enough so you'll sound like shit (only receiving higher freqs) and be really quiet.

As for the actual tone, I couldn't say, tone is subjective anyway
I've seen a few people playing out on basses with guitar pups. They sounded just like basses with bass pups.
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I've sent them an email but I'm not getting my hopes up, judging by their catalog, they don't do hum cancelling.

Andy at Wizard will make you anything.
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you could try sheilding the cavities?

I've become obsessed with sheilding recently. The last thing I sheilded was a cheapo plastic passive volume pedal - it worked, it's now silent !
A while back Jaco de Prestia posted up a piece of modding that I found really useful for shielding. Cheap copper snail tape. I don't know how available it is outside of CA but it works like a charm and you can get it at most garden shops.
I've certainly considered shielding but, from experience, it doesn't remove all the noise. I'll probably be shielding it anyway but as I use a lot of high gain pedals I really need zero hum. Maybe a noise removing pedal of some sort would do the trick?