Hey folks, so I came across an old tube peavey combo at my local shop and it sounded amazing with my tele, the only thing is I have no idea what model it is and neither does the dude behind the counter. It does say "classic" on the front of the amp but it doesnt really sound like the newer classic combos that peavey has been putting out lately. Anybody have any idea what amp this really is and if so are they reliable?
Does it have four inputs? Black panel, gray grille with white bars on the sides, mismatched knobs? It's probably a Peavey Classic VT 212. Hybrid amp from the 80s, SS pre and tube power section. Awesome cleans, okay drive. Loud as a helicopter taking off. As for reliable, old Peaveys (and most new ones) are built like tanks. They have (I believe; my numbers are old) the lowest failure rate of any mass-produced tube amplifier. That one's at least 22 years old, maybe more, so it may have a few wear-and-tear related issues, but should be fine.
yeah it had the 4 inputs they said bright and normal if I remember correctly. Yeah the cleans were really what got my hooked, the drive left something to be desired but its nothing that some tinkering cant fix. And thats good that they're just as well built as the newer ones. I had a peavey classic 30 before I got my Vox and it was incredibly well built.