I recently bought a POS guitar at a pawn shop to practice guitar repair and maintenance on while I learn and have a couple of questions about it.

It's a single pickup guitar, one humbucker. But it has a switch? It changes the tone from sharp and aggressive to a more rounded and mellow tone, almost like pickup switching. What is this?

I took off the backplates to look at the pots and trem (It has a strat style trem) and I noticed a few things. There's a wire coming from trem cavity in the knob cavity that's just thin strip of metal with an orange cloth covering on it that doesn't connect to anything, and something similar to that but without a covering next to the springs of the trem that also doesn't connect to anything. What are/were these meant for?

This guitar has a strange type of locking nut behind the regular nut on the truss rod cover area. I've never seen or heard of these, what is it?

Finally, one of the knobs won't turn and I tried loosening the nut but it didn't help. The turning part itself is stuck. Will I just have to replace this?
It's either a coil split or it could be an OD switch if it's an active p-up, but I doubt it for a POS pawn shop guitar.
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Found it! It's a Kahler screw type nut. Also, WTF? Why would you put a Kahler nut with a strat trem? Also, I guess it's coil splitting because it's a passive PU.
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