the epiphone les paul standard plain top is $430 and LP standard plus top is $550. that's $120 more for practically the same guitar just a different paint. is it worth the extra money?
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There is no difference between the plain and plus tops. Just a flamed veneer.
Not sure why you're asking us, you can see the difference for yourself. If you want the nicer looking one, you get to decide if you want to pay that much extra for it. The top is the only difference.

The Studio, by the way, is definitely not the same guitar. There are cosmetic differences, but there are also differences in woods, wood quality, and electronics. It's not a huge difference, but it's false to call them the same guitar.
Personally I'd say no, it's not worth it - but what do I know? I spent like £200 more on a guitar because I wanted a Floyd over a hard-tail.

From my experiences I'd say that few Epiphones are worth your money, and at current build quality and prices, even Gibson too.
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