Hi guys I'm thinking of buying this guitar but i'm worried about some damage at the neck joint:


The owner just claims the "cracks in the pain alone" and not to the wood but I'm sceptical as usual haha. The crack runs quite far down if you look on the picture....

What do you guys reckon?
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yes its in the wood, at least partly.

I was going to reply "but it doesnt matter because its fairly common neck pockets crack right there, its structurally insignificant."

but then I realized that shit goes all the way around... I dont know that the wood is cracked around the neck plate, but Id stay well away from that deal unless its in the 20-40 USD range.
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yeah unless that is under 50 bucks, don't buy. It very well could be after all it is a squire. Y r u after it anyways, just asking?
yeah thats some pretty harsh damage, but if you look at the top center of the body, theres a silver square bolted in that says "squire". thats your problem right there. how much is he selling for exactly?
I wouldn't buy it, I suggest you'd keep looking for another guitar.
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Yeah, I'd steer clear. At first I just saw the little crack at the pocket, but then I realised it goes all the way down. Definitely better to just keep looking.
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It's a squire '51 which I've been after for a while- he doesn't want too much for it but I'd rather not take the risk. Thanks guys!
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wtf does "cracks in the pain alone" mean?
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I doubt that there's any actual damage to the wood.
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yeah it is but neck joint counts because we mostly hold it by neck...and you should take care of it before buying any guitar.