Hey kids, wee problem...

put a strat hot-rail in the bridge of my tele (couldn't resist, it was dirt cheap)
however at a party we had just before id soldered it on, a drunken mate was air guitaring with it while the screws were all undone, so when he was swinging around all the wires got ripped out.

what i need help with is where to solder what. i've attached some images, hopefully someone with a good noggin will understand these cruddy photos...

im unsure where the pickup wire should be attached on the selector switch, where the input jack needs to be, and where the black wires from the bridge should go, i struggled to understand the fender schematic as this is a cheap ripoff and is a bit different on paper.

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The red wire on the left is from the neck pickup, the white is from the input jack.

Will i need to put an earth wire from the bridge in?