Hahaha thanks man, singing is my main grip. And dont worry, I will XD

Oh, btw I checked out your piece as well^^
Hahaha thanks man

And dude, straight up love that band, I commented back on your thread.^^
You look up every time you try to hit a higher note than you can >.<

Not a big fan of the song... it's quite repetitive. I went to the Silverstein cover you had on your account... seems like it's the same recipe. You should try something a little more diverse!! You don't have the worst voice in the world (trust me. I've heard my voice before... it's epicly bad). Try something that may challenge your voice to be a bit more melodic.

Though, good playing, a good work.
Loved it! ^_^

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Haha thanks man, I really appreciate the criticism honestly I havent really been singing the longest, I only started like in January so theres definitely room for improvement. And yea haha I get what your saying, its a really simple song structure: Intro of Chords, Verse of Chords, and Chorus of Chords XD but I'm actually working on a cover of On My Own by the Used currently. I think it fits that more "diverse" category, its quite a bit more technical than this song XD

EDIT: and haha thank you mj :3
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Quality is surprisingly clear for no mic and guitar with voice. If you haven't been singing that long then not bad at all...especially considering you're playing guitar while you're singing, which adds a whole new dynamic to a performance. So nice job there. There were a few spots where you were slightly flat...and a few parts you seemed unsure of yourself...but that would be my only gripe and with time you'll naturally get better. \m/