Pretty good man I really liked the ambience from the reverb, pretty cool stuff. I'm a bassist too though I've only been playing for a year and a half so I don't feel qualified to critique it too much . Though I would say it's a bit 'empty', maybe driving a strong rhythm while you keep your cool melody...I don't know, I still liked it though looking forward to hearing a polished up version soon.
i liked your piece a lot. from the thread title i figured it would be a billy sheehan wank fest (don't get me wrong i love billy but he can pull it off most guys can't).

the fx weren't overdone and added to the song rather than covering up mistakes or a lack of talent. kind of a jazzy pink floyd vibe. if that is you being sloppy then i can't wait to hear you on a good day.

my latest is The Land Unknown found in my profile. be interesting to hear a bass players take. although i play bass on all my tracks i'm not much of a bass player.
i like the reverb effect you have, it makes the tone sound warm. other than the few mistakes, i can see what vibe you were going for. once you can play it cleanly, it will sound great. maybe throw in some more melodies too.

C4C? check out my prog metal instrumental. theres a couple cool bass solos in it that i think you'll like