After listening to that I consider my music horizons broadened . That was pretty aweome I was expecting it to be a bit heavier though but i really liked the riff that kicked in at 2:50. Very catchy. What music were you influenced by? I listen to a bit of electronica but I hardly consider myself knowledgeable and I need more music like this lol. Anyway keep it up bro, looking forward to hearing more.
Thanks so much man! I like a lot of everything. Pretty much all music I write is like melodic death metal and really dark djenty kind of stuff. Lately I've been letting the electronica/poppy stuff out more. For electronic music I really dig the Prodigy, Chemical Bros., Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, stuff like that. And Rammstein (though industrial), love those guys!

I also re-mixed and mastered the track so it should better, it has the ambience a dance track should have.
I liked it.. I'd take out the "uhhh" part that comes in once the beat fleshes out and the hihat is going full speed.. sounded a little cheesy, like something you'd find on a cheap synth. Beyond that, this has a very dark feel and I enjoyed it. You are very good at building up that beat - if I heard this at a rave or something I would be getting D O W N. Good work.

c4c Please?