Im planning a new guitar. i play mostly metallica, megadeth, five finger death punch and some ocassional trivium. what guitar should i buy?

my budget is around $600.
im considering the ibanez rga 32, rga 42, rg 320fm, rgr 320,RG 420 EG - ISL; the schecter damien elite 6fr, the bc rich asm standard, jr v standard, the dean angel of deth 2, the dbz bied of prey 2.
feel free to suggest other guitars of your choice within my budget.....
Look at LTD guitars. Judging from your current considerations, possibly the M-300FM because it has a superstrat shape, and has an FR.
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i absolutely love my ibanez RG I play it more then my fender strat and it cost a few hundred less.
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Ibanez guitars are really nice but don't get an RG at that price point because the trems tend to be crap. Look at an 'S' series instead like the S470 as you get all the advantages of an RG but with a really top drawer trem unit.
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How about a MIM Fender Strat?? They are very versatile and should fit into your budget.

Any of the Godin Redline series guitars
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I would advise getting a fixed bridge if it's your first guitar. Floyd Rose trems can be an absalute nightmare to set up and they can have all sorts of tuning issues with them if you can't set them up properly (and if the system itself is crap). A fixed bridge guitar is a hell of a lot easier to set up and you will have waaaay fewer tuning stability issues.

I'll suggest a fixed bridge Ibanez, a Prophecy series Epiphone (tad overbudget but excellent for the price) or an Agile Reaper if you're in the US (again, excellent for the price) and you REALLY want a Floyd Rose despite their disadvantages.
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